Hunt Research Group

The Hunt Research Group is a theoretical and computational chemistry group which carries out theoretical development and computational modeling.

Our research is focused towards understanding the chemistry and physics associated with solvents and solvation, particularly as this applies to ionic-liquds and aqueous solutions.

We study the making and breaking of molecules. This includes catalytic mechanisms (for group II and frustriated lewis acid-base pairs) and chemical decomposition (bio-fuels and ionic-liquids).

Overarching all of these areas is a specialisation in hydrogen-bonding, acid-base interactions and an expertise in the MO theory of bonding. We have developed the Effective MO Method for interrogating the electronic structure of liquids.

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September 2015

Latest News Plenty of activity!

Gabriel Lau's paper has been one of the most read in 2015 within the Surfaces, Interfaces and Materials section of the Journal of Chemical Physics; "Surface thermodynamics of planar, cylindrical, and spherical vapour-liquid interfaces of water". Congratulations!
Tricia has published a collaborative paper in PCCP "Molecular features contributing to the lower viscosity of phosphonium ionic liquids compared to their ammonium analogues".

Poster Prize!
Richard Fogarty won the top poster prize at the Soft X-ray in Energy and Time (SXET) meeting in August in Berlin, and he has won the best poster prize (for a different poster) at the annual Diamond SR user meeting in September. Doubly well done!