Hunt Research Group

The Hunt Research Group is a theoretical and computational chemistry group which carries out theoretical development and computational modeling.

Our research is focused towards understanding the chemistry and physics associated with solvents and solvation, particularly as this applies to ionic-liquds and aqueous solutions.

We study the making and breaking of molecules. This includes catalytic mechanisms (for group II and frustriated lewis acid-base pairs) and chemical decomposition (bio-fuels and ionic-liquids).

Overarching all of these areas is a specialisation in hydrogen-bonding, acid-base interactions and an expertise in the MO theory of bonding. We have developed the Effective MO Method for interrogating the electronic structure of liquids.

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Latest News Prizes for Group Members and a New Publication

Prize winners!
Claire Ashworth has been awarded the Best Poster prize at EUCHEM2014, Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids XXV, Tallinn, Estonia.
Jacqueline Tan won a Kindle as the first prize for her science communication presentation at HERMES material modelling 2014 summer school, Windsor, UK.
Matthew Clough was awarded the Best Oral Presentation prize at the Molten Salts Discussion Group Meeting, University of Leicester, UK. He has also been awarded 2nd Prize for his talk at the chemistry department PG Research Symposium, Imperial College, London, UK.

Great achievements everyone!

Just Published
Richard and Claire have had their article on the impact of anion electronic structure in ionic liquids published in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. Well done!
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