Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids are a new type of solvent capable of producing substantial industrial and environmental benefits.

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Research Highlights

  • March 2016 Matthew Clough has his "paper on Azoniaspiro ILs published.
  • August 2015 Richard Matthews has his paper "Hydrogen bonding and π-π interactions in imidazolium-chloride ILs published.
  • Jan 2015 Matthew Clough has his paper on the decomposition of sugars in ILs as a front cover for Green Chemistry.
  • Jan 2015 Tricia has her H-bonding in ILs review published in Chem. Soc. Rev.
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Activities related to Ionic Liquids

Conference: APCIL-5 Keynote
Conference: Gordon Conference Invited
Conference: EMLG Invited
Conference: USA 229th ECS Invited
Invited talks UK: Belfast
collaborative project with GSK funded
Conference: APCIL-4/ASIL-6 Keynote
Invited talks UK: Warwick
PhD CASE award with AWE
Conference: CECAM Workshop on Ionic Liquids Invited
Conference: COIL5 Invited
Conference: Workshop ILs in confined geometries Invited
Consulting BASF
Conference: CCP5 Summer School Plenary
Kickstart grant: ILs for Recycling WEEE
Invited talks Ireland: Galway, UK: Nottingham
Consulting BASF
Conference: COIL4 Keynote
Conference: Ionic Liquids and Coulomb Fluids at interfaces. Invited
Invited talks USA: LLNL
Invitation to speak at WATOC
Consulting BASF
Conference: Spring ACS and session chair
Conference: PACIFICHEM
Invited talks USA: University of Notre-Dame, PenState, Cytec (Canada)
Consulting BASF
Mention in Chemistry World article: Solvents reveal their ionic powers
Conference: COIL3 and session chair
Conference: PACIFICHEM
Invited talks USA: University of Notre-Dame, PenState, Cytec (Canada)
Consulting BASF


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Previous Research Highlights
  • Oct 2013 Matthew has his article on thermal decomposition of carboxylate ionic liquids published in PCCP. Well done!
  • June 2013 Heiko and Claire have their article on predicting Kamlet-Taft parameters for ionic liquids published in PCCP. Well done!
  • April 2012 Yannis has his paper on article on H-bonding in ionic liquids published in PCCP. Well done!

  • May 2010 Our research noted in Chemistry World article: Solvents reveal their ionic powers