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Citations last evaluated April 2019


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    times cited: 0
  • 71. doi Conformational design concepts for anions in ionic liquids F. Philippi, D. Pugh, D. Rauber, T. Welton and P. A. Hunt*, Chemical Science, 2020, 11(25), p6405-6422. back cover
    times cited: 4
  • 70. doi Electron spectroscopy of ionic liquids: experimental identification of atomic orbital contributions to valence electronic structure R. Fogarty, R. Palgrave, R. Bourne, K. Handrup, I. Villar-Garcia, D. Payne, P.A. Hunt and K. Lovelock*, PCCP, 2019, 21, p18893-18910. hot article
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  • book chapter Noncovalent Interactions in Ionic Liquids P.A. Hunt*, Noncovalent Interactions in Catalysis, 2019, p350-376.
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    times cited: 24
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    times cited: 7
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    times cited: 60
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    times cited: 9/li>
  • 55. doi Water droplet excess free energy determined by cluster mitosis using guided molecular dynamics, G. Lau, P.A. Hunt, E. Muller, G. Jackson* and I. Ford J. Chem. Phys., 2015, 143, no 244709
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  • 54. doi Surface thermodynamics of planar, cylindrical and spherical vapour-liquid interfaces of water, G. Lau, I. Ford, P.A. Hunt, E. Müller and G. Jackson* J. Chem. Phys., 2015, 142, no.114701
    One of the most read articles in the Surfaces, Interfaces and Materials section of JCP for 2015 (Aug)
    times cited: 39
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    times cited: 344 highly cited, in the top 1% for citations within Chemistry in the publication year since 2015, see Web of Knowledge.
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